Directed By: Eduardo Cemano
Starring: Tina Russell, Jamie Gillis
Release Date: June 15, 2010
Studio: After Hours Cinema

Don’t miss these three mesmerizing and psychotropic features by artist and filmmaker Eduardo Cemano, the man responsible for some of the most groundbreaking films of 1970s adult cinema, now available for the first time on DVD.  This three-film collection, the second in After Hours Cinema’s Eudardo Cemano Grindhouse Director Series, includes Cemano’s core “trilogy” of ultra-erotic, hardcore classics: THE HEALERS (1972), FONGALULI (1972), and MADAME ZENOBIA(1973), along with an array of exciting extras, including extensive director commentaries, interviews, liners notes and more. 


The Healers (1972)

Dr. Darby and his nurse are practitioners of a revolutionary sexual system of healing known as Orgasmic Free Flow, which seeks to cure individuals of physical and psychological maladies through the clinical application of hot, sweaty sex. Having just opened a new office, their first patients include an opera singer, a suicidal young woman who cannot speak, and a foursome of young people who question the doctor’s theory that sex can cure every problem. But each patient becomes a true believer in Orgasmic Free Flow once he or she has received a “healing” treatment of body-quivering intercourse…to be applied once daily!


Fongaluli (1972)

This wild sex odyssey and fairy tale tells the story of Professor Wurtsis, who is obsessed with cross breeding animals of different species. Research has brought him to a tropical island where he experiences the LSD-like sensation of the Fongaluli leaf and witnesses the transformation of a lobster into a gorgeous and eager young woman, then back again. Professor and lobster set out in search of the Island of Fongaluli, and their adventure leads to encounters with all manners of strange sex-starved beings including the evil Fongawitch and her orgy-practicing disciples.


Madame Zenobia (1973)

Marcia is a beautiful, sad young widow unable to find sexual gratification with Eric, her new fiancée, due to her continuous love affair with the "spirit" of her late husband.  Eric protests that unless Marcia cuts off her relations with John, they will never be able to experience the ultimate sexual euphoria that soon-to-be newlyweds should. Eric takes Marcia to the cemetery, where she makes passionate love to John, which seemingly relieves her of her tensions and prepares her to give herself over completely to Eric. Despite rousing sex, the couple does not achieve mutual ecstasy, and Eric leaves for good - hopeless that Marcia can ever experience orgasmic union with a flesh and blood man.


  • 3 audio commentaries with Eduardo Cemano
  • 3 newly produced Eduardo Cemano interviews
  • Madame Zenobia outtakes
  • Actress Betty Dodson interview
  • Image Makers: Eduardo Cemano 1985 interview
  • 4 Cemano short films: Floating Nude, Cucumber, Dana & Clay, Blushing Nude
  • After Hours trailers
  • Full Color Booklet with rare images and liner notes



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