GRINDHOUSE DOUBLE FEATURE: Wet Wilderness / Come Deadly

Wet Wilderness (1975)

One of the cheapest, nastiest, creepiest, most disreputable little grindhouse flicks ever to make its way onto film reels. Sexist, racist, moronically simple yet weirdly entertaining, it is probably one of the most disturbing slasher prototypes of the pre-Halloween era, a potent blend of bad taste, sadistic violence, and sex. Three hippie chicks and a dude are hiking in the woods. Two of the chicks pair off and wander into a clearing. A lesbian encounter ensues, but the dykes find themselves confronted by a cackling nut-job sporting a yellow ski mask and brandishing a two-foot machete. Barking out orders in a Southern accent, he soon has the four hikers performing his sexual bidding with the threat of his machete looming.

Come Deadly (1974)

A group of young thespians practice for the production of Shakespeare play. Meanwhile, in the loft above the theater, a psycho in a wide-brimmed hat with a nylon stocking over his face attacks one of the actresses, raping and strangling her. In the hopes of getting to the bottom of this and other recent attacks, a police detective goes undercover as an actor in the company. He quickly befriends his two leading ladies and winds up pumping each for more than information while the backstage stalker continues his reign of terror, molesting and strangling female ingénues.


-Wet Wilderness feature
-Come Deadly feature
-Full Color Booklet featuring liner notes
- After hours trailers

DVD Release Date: October 14, 2008

Double Feature DVD Catalog: ah-4252
Our Price: $27.99